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Laptop broken/cracked screens repaired

Laptop power charger and socket faults repaired

Blue Screens (BSOD) errors

Memory and Hard Drive upgrades

Welcome to PC Techniques, your one stop resource for all your desktop, laptop and console needs from broken screens and upgrades to full PC health checks and data recovery.

tel: 0114 234 8080

Xbox 360 RROD (red lights issue)

PS3 YLOD (yellow lights issue)

Wii Drives Repaired or Replaced

DS Screens, Cases and Hinges Replaced

At PC Techniques we pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction, our fast and efficient services and most importantly your right to data privacy and confidentiality.

email: sales@pctechniques.co.uk

Virus Infections removed

Pop-Ups, Spyware & Malware Infections

Suspect Email Messages

Identity Theft Prevention

For any problems or issues with your computer or console make PC Techniques your first stop to ensure your PC has a fast and speedy recovery.

Recover accidentially deleted files

Recover from faulty hard drives

Data transfer to another pc or hard drive

Computer health check service